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PRI020: Filgro - Kaleidoscope EP


Filigro are a new name to the progressive trance arena. The Filigro style is best summed up in two words... Growling and pulsating.

Progressive slabs of sound which move the floor and the senses in equal measures. 'Questina' is all about the off beat riff, which sticks in your head (in a nice way) with the odd epic chord change. 'Kaliedoscope' takes things on a chunkier excusrion withs whipsering melodies over a more straight forward for-the-floor groove. 'Suncharged' builds on low end muscular bass sounds with arpeggiated riffs and flown-in pads. An impressive debut...

Written and produced by - Ilya Ulyanov
Published by Dharma Songs
(p) Primal Recordings 2009
(c) Primal Recordings 2009

Release Date: March 2009