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PRI017: Fractal - Rocket Summer EP

West Coast Canadian Thor ‘Fractal’ Kell sometimes confuses himself with both an abstract mathematical concept and a Norse god of thunder. Suspiciously enough, both of these themes show up in his music, along with many others. The Rocket Summer EP is undoubtedly the most experimental and leftfield Primal release to date, something deeper, quirkier and downright genius in our opinion.

Flightmagicitem starts off the EP, a complex layered work, offbeat drum patterns, filmscore style synths and spun-in effects.... all leading to the most glorious glitchy crescendo. Rocket Summer carries on these themes but adds tech house structures and basslines. Strictly Ballroom is the most leftfield of the tracks, seemingly random bleepy synths big basslines. Soft Places rounds off the EP with a haunting, outerspace-styled,downtempo offering.

Written and produced by Fractal
(p) Primal Recordings 2007
(c) Primal Recordings 2007

Release Date: June 2007