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PRI013: Probspot - Heatsink EP

Rikkard Fredriksson, aka Probspot, is no newcomer. Having previously released one ep, one single and a full length album on Lost Language, it is fair to say that this man knows his way around a studio. Anyway, onto the EP. The title track is a tightly produced breaks tracks, featuring the kind of shimmering production that cannot fail to work on the dancefloor. Squelchy basslines coupled with techy breaks create an impressive build to the luscious break. Subtle yet powerful keys add to the sheer atmospheric spine tingling beauty of this piece. Renegade is a chunky, groovy piece of prog. Rolling percussion coupled with an elastic bassline is sure to work the crowd into a frenzy. Slamming chunky funky prog to the nth degree. Blow is a slow builder, weaving synths in and out of the tight percussive loop. Building to a climax which is literally spine tingling, the break features strings which can only be described as haunting, think Poltergeist meets Probspot in a haunted house. Solid production from one of our label regulars. Last but not least, Pinot Noir. From the off it's a deeper affair, building with a nice subtle bassline into the introduction of crystal clear synth lines. Blips and bleeps dart from every angle, forcing the crowd into submission before the impressive beast that is Pinot Noir.

Written & Produced by Probspot
Published by Dharma Songs Ltd
(p) Primal Recordings 2006
(c) Primal Recordings 2006

Release Date: Nov 2006

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Limited CD [PRI013LCD]
1) Heatsink
2) Renegade
3) Blow
4) Pinot Noir

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12" Vinyl [PRI013]
A) Heatsink
B) Renegade
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