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PRI004: R-Tem - Breathe EP

Artem Hachenko is the man behind this EP. With previous releases on Lost Language, Baroque & Cuba R-Tem is a name to keep an eye on. With title track 'Breathe' already gaining support from Tiesto & Armin, it's obvious that he's doing something right in the studio.

Kicking off the EP is title track 'Breathe'. The track starts with chunky, gritty percussion. There's a feeling of rawness & live energy throughout the track. Thick bass guitar samples collides with distorted guitar licks.

With electro 'whoomps' remiscent of a certain 'Dooms Night', 'Mood' lays it cards on the table from the off. Bouncy, rubber band electro house is the order of the day here.

Last but definately not least is the anthem to the legendary Eastern European festival - Kazantip. Having soundtracked the event for thousands who attended we felt it only fair to give it a full release. 'Voiceless' is present in its Z05 Mix.

This EP has a certain rawness to the tracks, live guitars meet electro synths. With support from Armin & Tiesto we can see this EP going far.

Written & Produced by R-Tem
Published by Dharma Songs
(p) Primal Recordings 2006
(c) Primal Recordings 2006

Release Date: 2006

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