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Edu, otherwise known as Eldar Abdulajev, was born in Lithuania in 1985. He never listened to electronic music. Never was interested in music at all... until...

... When he was 15, a friend gave Edu a CD with some electronic tunes on it. That changed everything. "I realized that I can try and do something like that," he tells us. "I tried a lot of different software. I really liked what I was doing, and eventually, I found the right program for me. Like most people of my age (at the time) - it was Fruity Loops. I spent about 2 years just trying to do something different from the others, looking for the right style. I tried Drum and Bass, Dream Dance, Funky, Tribal, and many other styles of electronic music."

In 2004, Edu moved to the UK. He started listening to UK Progressive House, and... that was it. He made some tunes in that style, and they were successful. The first release, "Arpy Life", came out in 2007, the same year that Edu won a competition for a remix of a track called "Baraka's Violin". "After that, I started to make my tunes more complicated and with more attention to the general sound quality." Edu had some releases on some small labels, but the real debut was in 2008, when Edu signed to Lost Language and released a melodic track called "Someday". It was very successful, supported by some big names like Markus Schulz, Solarstone, Jon O'Bir and Paul van Dyk, as well as many other djs around the world. "I'm new in this business, but it's going well. I hope it will go even better."

Edu likes melodic, positive sounding music, with a good dancing rhythm and groovy, progressive bass lines. He's always trying to make his tunes like that.