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Andy Moor
Andy Moor
Having such natural talent and a hard working attitude are the main reasons behind Andy Moor's success.

With Alias's such as Sworn, Dub Disorder, Indigo (with Innate), Mid North and OFD he's been a busy guy and after releases on many of the best house music labels and remixes for many more his name rapidly grew in the scene.

He has collaborated and co-produced with lots of other people such as Tilt, Leama, Innate, Bill Hamil and Dave Gardner to name a few but his musical history stems far further back.

This 24 year old DJ, producer and musician's talents were picked up on at 5 years old when he had his first keyboard and instantly started playing songs which he subconsciously knew. At 7 he had composed complex music which exceeded GCSE examinations which teenagers take at 16 years old, teachers were amazed and made him take up other instruments and sent him to a musical high school.

Following the progression of house music through the 90's Andy knew what he wanted to do, but didn't know how to do it as classical music was the only style which schools would fund which was to give him real musical knowledge. Many of nights were spent hanging around outside Shelly's in Stoke trying to get a listen to the 'new' music which everyone was talking about.

Still in his early teens he got hold of tapes from these nights and started making music in this style on his cheap Yamaha keyboard. Frustrated by this lack of technology at his disposal he had to keep working with the orchestra's playing his bassoon and piano whilst he waited for the school to get some technology.

This never happened, so at 16 he was balancing further education with unpaid work at a studio which produced many a top 10 hit to gain priceless experience. Saving his money from Djing at mobile disco's he gradually built up his equipment to enable him to finally (phew!) make real electronic music. He was producing pop bands and trance music with successful outcomes under various disguises until the 'Stoke on Trent old timers. showed him the way.

At first he was too busy engineering for other people to spend any time on his own productions but then, after studying Mick Park's record box, he found no inspiration. Later that day he went into the studio and 'Violent city' was born on Baroque and he suddenly had an appreciation for this style of house music without pianos riffs.

Over the next few months his record box suddenly became in fluctuated with this style of music and he'd got the bug. Djing around the area whilst still studying and continuing his productions left him only enough time in the week to sleep (and the odd pint) and this is how it continues minus a few changes. Local bars and clubs in glass street and Foundary lane are now replaced by places such as L.A, Miami, Malaysia and Japan to name but a few.